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  • Things to do in beautiful Oslo
    Thursday, 20 September 2012

    Things to do in beautiful Oslo

    Museums and fjords are all the go in Oslo.

  • Mermaids at large, Coney Island
    Wednesday, 04 July 2012

    Mermaids at large, Coney Island

    I'm always looking for an excuse to travel, no matter how lame. So when I was invited, by a New York friend, to come to the annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. I started planning another trip. I arranged business visits to studios in New York, Katonah and Toronto so it became a business trip arranged around a weekend parade. It's been many years since I have flown the direct Melbourne to New York route.

  • The waterways of Kerala revisited. India
    Sunday, 10 June 2012

    The waterways of Kerala revisited. India

    We had business meetings in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. Being so close to Kerala we decided to spend some time back there. I've written about our love for the area in the previous blog. It was the Christmas/ New year period so the rest of India was on holidays and we had left our arrangements until the last moment.

  • An enchanted houseboat. Kerala, India
    Thursday, 31 May 2012

    An enchanted houseboat. Kerala, India

    Away from the chaos and noise of India is Kerala. Nestled in the south-west corner of India, Kerala is the home of spices, coconut groves and tea plantations. The Western Ghats have protected the area from the rest of India and it has developed its own customs and cuisine.

  • A long drive for a cup of tea. Munnar, India
    Saturday, 19 May 2012

    A long drive for a cup of tea. Munnar, India

    Having decided on a holiday in Kerala we decided to venture further than the coast and go inland to the Western Ghats. Looking at a map we found Munnar. Then we did some research. Munnar is a picturesque town that was once the summer escape for the British. It is a centre for tea and spice plantations. And the weather is unusually mild for India.

  • Kochi, Keralas most cosmopolitan city.
    Thursday, 03 May 2012

    Kochi, Keralas most cosmopolitan city.

    I was in Mumbai for work and decided to take a break in Kochin. Kochin is in Kerala, Southern India. National Geographic Traveller magazine names Kerala as one of the "ten paradises  of the world" and "50 must see destinations of a lifetime". Travel and Leisure names Kerala as "One of the 100 great trips for the 21st century". Now a bit of a history lesson about why Kerala is so special.  Kerala has benefited by having a succession of enlightened Royal families who were interested in agriculture and the welfare of the population at large. In the 15th century the Portuguese moved in, mainly for the pepper.

  • Singapore Last Day
    Wednesday, 25 April 2012

    Singapore Last Day

    On our last day in Singapore I decided to see if any of the old Singapore still remained. We had been surrounded by progress and new buildings. There seemed to be a head-long rush for modernisation. I felt something of old Singapore had to be still there.

  • Singapore Day 5
    Monday, 16 April 2012

    Singapore Day 5

    We didn't leave the hotel till late in the day and caught the train down to the Marina Bay area to see the light show at the Sands Casino. The Singapore public transport system is sensational. As a tourist you can buy a three day ticket that will take you anywhere on the island. It's very efficient and quiet with a very sweet female voice asking you to be careful of the gap between the train and the platform. After following a bewildering array of signs underground we surfaced amid office buildings and apartments near the water.

  • Singapore Day 4
    Friday, 13 April 2012

    Singapore Day 4

    Today started very slowly as there were phone conferences with Spain, Nevada, Melbourne and Laos. By the time work was over I just went out and walked around the giant shopping mall that is known as Orchard Road. I allowed myself to get lost in the underground labyrinth that keeps people out of the heat and still shopping.

  • Singapore Day 3
    Sunday, 08 April 2012

    Singapore Day 3

    We decided to go down to the Marina Bay area and check out what was being built on land that wasn't there a decade ago. In 2008 the Marina Barrage was built to create Marina Bay, a freshwater reservoir. This was to help with the drinking water of Singapore and to help prevent floods in the Chinatown region. Singapore had always been hostage to neighbouring countries for their water supply so trying to become self-sufficient in water has always been really important.

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