Singapore Day 5

The day started with a wonderful sunrise and then the day went down hill as work took over.


We didn't leave the hotel till late in the day and caught the train down to the Marina Bay area to see the light show at the Sands Casino. The Singapore public transport system is sensational.

As a tourist you can buy a three day ticket that will take you anywhere on the island. It's very efficient and quiet with a very sweet female voice asking you to be careful of the gap between the train and the platform. After following a bewildering array of signs underground we surfaced amid office buildings and apartments near the water.


The casino looks sensational from the other side. Statement architecture.


The Marina Bay development has led to an amazing range of new buildings. It has become a Singapore destination on its own. Last time I was in Singapore the only reason to come down to this area was to catch a ferry at the Clifford Pier Ferry Terminal.


People were starting to gather for the light show on the  top of the Casino.


It was wonderful seeing the city lights coming on as the sun set. The new Science Museum glowed.


There was a full moon adding to the atmosphere.




We looked around and saw a rooftop bar at One Fullerton and thought that would be an ideal spot to watch the light show from. Dinner and a show.



There were no tables available so they directed us to a double daybed arrangement and we had dinner while we waited. It's a hard job but someone has to live it.






Then the light show started. I think we had the best position in Singapore to see it. With the advantage of a martini or two.






The pool on the roof of One Fullerton looked very inviting but swimming with a lot of drinking expats wasn't.


The interior of One Fullerton. The hotels in Singapore are getting more glamorous.



The original Fullerton Hotel had just been opened last time I was here. The hotel has been created from the former General post Office and retains the grandeur of the old colonial architecture.





We decided to walk to the City Hall Station and seeing Singapore at night was worth the effort.





We noticed that St Andrew's Cathedral was still open and we went in. This Anglican church was consecrated in 1862. It is made from 'chunam'. A weird mixture of shell lime, egg whites and coarse sugar mixed with boiled coconut husks.



The subway escalator took us up to Wheelock Place with it's star-like dome.



Another day in Singapore. And now to sleep.


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